Rare Disease

The Market Strategy Behind Rare Disease Commercialization

by Lanmark360


October 17, 2018

What do you get when you put a rare disease advocacy group inside a healthcare advertising agency? 

Awareness. Passion. Commitment. Expertise.

Welcome to Lanmark360, where we live the rare experience everyday. In 2015, our agency joined the fight to cure Duchenne by partnering with JAR of Hope, an advocacy group dedicated to funding research and raising awareness. We started by creating their branding, website, and disease awareness campaign, and it wasn’t long before we were very passionate and personally involved in their cause. Lanmark360 decided to offer JAR of Hope free office space in the agency, as well as our continued support. Since that time, we talk with rare disease advocates while we’re getting a cup of coffee, helping us maintain a patient-centric perspective in everything we do.

From a strategic perspective, every rare disease is a different challenge. How long is the patient journey to diagnosis? Is the disease juvenile or adult-onset? Are patients primarily undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or diagnosed? Is the therapy first to market, or is entering a crowded market? Is the disease community fragmented or unified? Is disease awareness low or high? What are the treating physician dynamics? All these considerations lead to the creation of the initial Landscape Analysis.

Then we conduct market research, both online and in-person interviews (and mine your existing research, where possible) to better understand patients, caregivers, influencers, advocacy groups, and potential prescribers. We identify the barriers that must be overcome, from finding patients to gaps in advocacy to challenging diagnosis journeys. We also identify the key opportunities we intend to leverage, based on the research insights.

From there we make strategic and tactical recommendations. We usually recommend forming a patient advisory board to vet not only the tactics, but also the content we are creating. During phase 3, core tactics may include a robust disease awareness campaign, advocacy/influencer engagements, KOL speakers programs, unbranded patient testimonial videos, and YouTube channel. As the brand moves closer to commercialization, we create a launch plan, which includes creative development, branding hallmarks, and tactics for targeting key stakeholders. Lanmark360 has experienced staff in all these areas.

Lanmark360 is a full-service agency committed to helping biotech companies commercialize therapies for rare and orphan conditions. We specialize in finding rare disease patients and delivering high-value content based on research-driven insights. We also partner with many rare disease-focused companies that complement our services.

To learn more please contact Paul Holgerson, Director of Business Development. or 732-389-4500

Check out the full rare disease case study for JAR of Hope on our website and our agency capabilities sheet here.

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