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  • Howard KleinPresident
    Howard Klein

    Howard started his career in the healthcare communications arena over 20 years ago working for several prominent New Jersey-based hospitals and healthcare systems before joining Lanmark Group in 1999 as Public Relations Manager. Over the course of five years, Howard received five promotions within the Agency, with his fifth being the most prominent position of all, President. Three short years later he took over full leadership as Owner. With an above-and-beyond approach that he applies to all aspects of his work coupled with his “no is not an option” philosophy, and an extensive background in building and repositioning brands from the ground up, Howard has contributed to the success of many prominent companies including industry giants such as Dentsply Sirona, Johnson & Johnson and Wm. Wrigley Companies.

    Howard holds a true philanthropic spirit that he’s displayed not only behind the scenes in his personal life, but throughout his career. This spirit of generosity has penetrated throughout the entire Lanmark360 culture affecting each and every member. He established a program that turns “downtime” into “uptime” where all employees are encouraged to use free time to support nonprofit organizations and charities that they hold dear. One such charity is JAR of Hope, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the lives of children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. As a member of the Board of Directors, Howard is instrumental in the organization’s growth by providing strategic marketing direction and implementing various campaigns to help spread awareness of the disease and raise funds for research and treatment. In 2016 he received the Captain’s award for outstanding efforts and contributions.

  • Drew Saklas Creative Director
    Drew Saklas
    Creative Director

    Wherever, whenever, however – that's how our clients' audiences are consuming media. And they're doing it all in mad dashes of thumb flicks, swipes and clicking. I say this because after graduating Syracuse and heading to Madison Avenue, the way the ad world worked was so different. One big campaign of TV, print and radio was about all you were supposed to be doing. The greatest thrill of my 22 years in this industry has been seeing this transition, and more importantly, excelling in it. After a stint at one of the largest agencies in the world, both in traditional and digital divisions, I returned home to the beach to find more local pursuits where I can be close to family and the waves. Not sure who was luckier to find each other – Lanmark360 or me. Probably me. Yeah, definitely me.

    In my spare time, I make custom surfboards. Hit me up if you want one. I adopted a rescue dog and named her Pooka. She is now employed at Lanmark360 where she serves as "Director of Fun." I thoroughly enjoy good sleeping weather. September and October are the best months in the year. I believe winter should last from Thanksgiving until January 2, and then spring should be canceled and summer and fall extended. I also strongly believe that if you are in the position to help someone, then you should do just that. Karma is real and it will come back to you.

  • Danielle Avalone VP Accounts
    Danielle Avalone
    VP Accounts

    For close to 15 years, Danielle has been developing strategies for both new and mature product lines within the pharmaceutical and dental industries. Danielle’s strategic insight helps develop campaigns to increase awareness through the professional and drive sales through the consumer. Her approach to product launches is to define an unmet need and be able to communicate this need to the target audiences. During the recent years, Danielle has served as a catalyst to her clients within the dental arena, helping them to integrate DTC initiatives in an effort to remain competitive in a world where patients have direct access to more health information than ever before.

    Danielle is among a select few recipients of the Direct Marketing News 40 Under 40 award recognizing young marketers that are charging ahead to innovate in an industry rife with change. She is actively involved with several philanthropic organizations lending her marketing expertise including Oral Health America.

  • Dave Barbella VP Agency Services
    Dave Barbella
    VP Agency Services

    An operational and efficiency expert, Dave has more than 24 years of agency leadership experience. His determination to achieve continual improvement across people, process, and systems; and the workflow binding them, is how Dave drives amazing results for clients.

    His hands­‐on collaborative team­‐delivery approach has yielded great success for clients such as Allergan, New England Journal of Medicine, Novartis, Medivo (now Prognow), American Express, Martha Stewart, Hallmark and many more.

  • Tracey Clayton VP Operations
    Tracey Clayton
    VP Operations

    I oversee and implement the day-to-day operations of the accounting, human resources, administration, IT, and warehouse departments to support the growth, vision, mission and overall direction of Lanmark360.

    Outside of the office, reading is my absolute favorite pastime. I also enjoy spending free time with my husband, my family and good friends, and of course my beautiful Golden Retriever, Holly!

  • Kurt Algayer VP Production
    Kurt Algayer
    VP Production

    A Silicon Valley transplant, Kurt joined Lanmark360 in 2002 as Director of Traffic and Production Services. In his 15-­‐year tenure at Lanmark360, Kurt has managed the production of projects from clients such as Colgate, Wrigley, Dentsply Sirona, and Johnson & Johnson, among many others.

    Stemming from his passion for and knowledge of the printing industry, one of his favorite things to do is go on press checks to ensure every printed piece meets or exceeds not only our quality standards, but those of our clients as well.

  • Ed Yasser VP Digital
    Ed Yasser
    VP Digital

    Ed has been with Lanmark360 for 29 years and has as many years’ experience working with dental and healthcare clients in many categories. Ed is responsible for managing the agency’s digital work and opportunities to include digital strategy, content marketing, lead generation, digital media, SEM, SEO, and online research.

    Ed and his team monitor campaign performance to make data-­based decisions to improve a campaign’s ROI, impact, and conversions. Digital work is most often a collaborative endeavor with other departments and subject matter experts as a component of integrated media and marketing strategies. Last, with the almost daily evolution of digital marketing tools and techniques, trends are monitored to find leverage points and opportunities to use to client advantage.

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Marketers are storytellers. We craft compelling language and search for emotive visuals to help our audiences believe in what we are trying to promote. However, when it comes to B2B pharma advertising the storytelling spark seems to flicker out https://t.co/S6tt8yZgUt


Lanmark360 is a healthcare marketing and communications agency on the Jersey Shore. What we do is build relationships to drive your narrative and create 2-way dialogue between your audiences and your company. Every interaction matters, that's why we create marketing ecosystems to nurture your audiences and drive content to and through them until they they're ready to convert. Ultimately, we create and disseminate tomorrow's healthcare conversation.
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“The greatest misconception surrounding B2B pharmaceutical advertising is that professionals don’t desire a powerful narrative—they simply want to see the clinical evidence and that’s it. Wrong. In order to efficiently advertise to oncologists, neurologists, and other stakeholders in the field, you need that story—that feeling.”

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