Adding even more
value to something of
already great value
CEREC® Materials Starter Kit

Purchasing a CEREC Single-Visit Chairside Restoration System—a $120,000+ investment—is a pivotal moment for any dental practice. Naturally, when a dentist makes the decision to implement a piece of equipment that will mean big changes for nearly every aspect of his or her practice, including workflow, patient satisfaction, and dental team involvement, there’s bound to be a little apprehension and internal questioning, the most obvious of them all simply being “OK, I’ve got a CEREC. Now where do I start?”

The answers are in the box

To help ensure clinical confidence and relieve any ounce of apprehension, we developed the CEREC Materials Starter Kit from the ground up. Designed to be a showpiece, everything from the way the box opens to the configuration of the kit components and the feel of the paper coating, were all taken into thoughtful consideration. This was all done in an effort to create a confident and inspiring first-use experience for the practitioner. Knowing that a first impression is also a lasting one, the practitioner’s first case needs to be as seamless, satisfying, and certain as possible, and the CEREC Materials Starter Kit delivers on all fronts.


Can a Starter Kit help influence reorders?

When it’s the CEREC Materials Starter Kit, that’s a great big “Yes.” More than 1,250 CEREC Materials Starter Kits were produced and distributed to CEREC sales reps throughout the US, and each one of them was paired up with a CEREC system sale. This elegant, well-designed and easy-to-use starter kit played an essential role in getting dentists up and running with CEREC in no time. The kit—housing everything a dentist needs to successfully complete their first half-dozen cases—helps make the transition to CEREC dentistry easier and more satisfying, and also encouraged reorders of the materials contained in the kit.