Colgate® partnered with Lanmark360 to help them continue to build upon their longstanding relationship with dental professionals, and to further strengthen the trust and brand loyalty while promoting the science behind their products and emphasizing the importance of evidence-based dentistry.

Knowing that Colgate’s Global Research and Technology Center was located approximately 30 minutes from Manhattan, the decision was made to take outreach on the road, shuttling busses of dental professionals from the tradeshow floor of the Greater New York Dental Meeting to the Global Research and Technology Center for a firsthand look “behind the curtain at Colgate.”

Throughout the tour, dentists, and other key dental thought leaders experienced the research, technology, and resources that go into producing Colgate oral care essentials such as toothpaste, mouthwash, fluoride varnish, and dental floss.

NYC to Piscataway, NJ

All told, this educational and informative corporate initiative engaged over 200 dental professionals with an exclusive opportunity to see Colgate innovation in action and learn directly from Colgate experts, all while earning 3 CE credits for their participation.

Next, Colgate took the show on the road

The tradeshow came to an end, but the outreach was only just beginning. Building upon the success of the Research and Technology Center tour, Colgate decided take the concept of Destination Innovation further, creating a phase two campaign that continued to emphasize the scientific capabilities of Colgate.

To do so, we helped develop a national tour that would travel to many cities throughout the US, promoting the science and emphasizing evidence-based dentistry and continuing education. During the tour, prominent industry thought-leaders joined us at each location, speaking to the research and engineering Colgate puts into each and every product they bring to market.