Bringing ovarian
cancer detection
into focus
Fujirebio HE4 Ovarian Cancer Biomarker

When Fujirebio discovered a new biomarker for ovarian cancer—the first in over 20 years—and subsequently developed a simple blood test for at-risk patients, they turned to Lanmark360 to bring their test into focus.

We developed a campaign with prime placement in OB/GYN and oncology publications, then we armed the Fujirebio salesforce with the tools to assist in detailing the test, and followed that up with a lunch-and-learn component designed to connect the salesforce with physicians throughout the country.

The Campaign: CA125 + HE4

A simple yet memorable brand awareness campaign was created that communicated the challenge of eliminating false positives while at the same time detecting the presence of ovarian cancer with greater accuracy.

The visual concept brought the new formula for success literally into focus: when combining the new HE4 biomarker with the industry standard CA125 test, greater accuracy is achieved.

Sales team materials and tradeshow presence

Clear, concise, and memorable detailing tools helped the Fujirebio sales team with their efforts in communicating the benefits of the new biomarker to OB/GYN and oncology audiences. Fujirebio also expanded their tradeshow presence with the campaign both in the US as well as globally.

Contact Management advocacy and recruitment

The Lanmark360 in-house Contact Management Center made phone calls to over 700 OB/GYN offices throughout the US, successfully scheduling lunch-and-learn meetings with 418 physicians. In fact, the number of meetings was so large, it prompted Fujirebio to substantially expand their salesforce in an effort to facilitate the sheer volume of scheduled lunch-and-learns.