Changing lives
through fitness,
nutrition, and
THE MAX Challenge®

THE MAX Challenge is a 10-week, life-changing program that focuses on transforming the mind, body, and spirit. At the start, THE MAX Challenge grew organically at a regional level, with a handful of storefronts located primarily in the mid-Atlantic region of the US. When they decided to go full-throttle with franchise opportunities, they turned to Lanmark360 as their long-term marketing partner. We put on our exercise sneakers, grabbed an energy bar, and got set to help THE MAX Challenge take off nationally.

Ensuring brand consistency, one franchise at a time

The challenge of national expansion required our clients to streamline the franchise ownership experience and create a total-solutions system to make certain that each new location was fundamentally built with the embodiment of the THE MAX values and culture, and to provide a roadmap and all assets necessary to ensure success.

We created a customized phased approach for owners and developed a communication guide that provided owners with all the tools, resources, and guidance necessary to market their new location effectively while keeping all marketing efforts and communications on-brand. THE MAX Challenge 3A Kit is a systematic approach based on AWARENESS, ACCEPTANCE, and ACTION.

US Expansion

Since our involvement with THE MAX Challenge, they have grown from 23 regional locations in NY, NJ, and PA, to over 100 locations nationwide.